Thread Stands

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Accommodate more thread with the help of a sewing machine thread stand from Sailrite®. These heavy-duty thread stands are designed to pull the thread off the top of the cone to an eye in the top of the thread stand in order to ease tension for smooth sewing. We offer sewing thread stands that can fit one or two spools of thread and can be easily screwed into your sewing machine tabletop for added stability. Thread stands are an excellent sewing accessory for both professional and beginner sewers.


If you’re looking for a quality thread stand for your Ultrafeed® Sewing Machine, make sure to take a look at the Integrated Thread Stand for Ultrafeed Case/Base. This stand is conveniently stored on the carrying case or base of your Ultrafeed and features a unique pivoting style so that it can be easily stored within the carrying case for transport or storage without uninstalling the unit. This style accommodates various industrial thread cone sizes up to 16 ounces and provides easy installation because our Ultrafeed bases and cases already come with a pre-drilled hole to accept the thread stand.


If you’d prefer to install the Integrated Thread Stand on your sewing machine, pick up a Threaded Insert and Hex Key, which allows you to create an additional mounting location so you can move it from your case or base to your sewing workspace. We also have various styles that you can install on your sewing tabletop for use with any sewing machine. Options include our Deluxe Industrial Thread Stand, which holds two cones at once. All you need is mounting screws and you can easily drill this stand into your workspace for added convenience.

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