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As part of our commitment to helping sailors make their own safety equipment, sails and more, Sailrite® is proud to offer DIY sailing flag kits with a variety of materials and tools that allow you to craft your own set of signal flags so that you’re always safe and prepared onboard. International maritime signal flags are an essential way for vessels to communicate with each other, especially in emergency situations on the open seas and in racing applications. With a standard set of signal flags, you’ll be able to communicate your intensions and safety to passing ships.

Sailrite offers an easy-to-assemble DIY Signal Code Flag Kit for a fun, economical way to make your international sailing flags at home. Each kit includes everything you need to make 40 international signal flags, including the complete alphabet, numbers, repeaters and answering pennants. Each sailing flag kit contains several standard colors of 4-ounce nylon flag cloth (white, yellow, red, dark blue and black) as well as Seamstick basting tape and UV polyester thread so that you can easily make your own flags fast. For more great ideas and tips, pair this kit with our Make Your Own Courtesy and Signal Flags guide, co-written by Sailrite Vice President, Matt Grant.

Our team of sailmaking experts will do their best to find the right answers for you. For more information and tips, be sure to peruse our Projects & Tips department featuring in-depth knowledge and reference materials written by the pros.

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