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There are many varied projects that require a high-quality buckle. From making secure webbing support straps for dodgers and biminis to crafting custom-made backpacks and handbags, buckles are a great way to add practicality and versatility to your next undertaking. Sailrite® stocks a wide variety of unique buckles, hardware and other securing options for your unique needs, including double side-release buckles, adjustable strap buckles, cam buckles and ladderlock buckles. We can help you choose the right style for making support straps, boat covers, dog collars, bags and more. Pair these buckles with our high-quality webbing for a professional finish.

The most common type of buckle we stock at Sailrite is the side-release buckle. This type of buckle is opened via two side buttons and allows for adjustment from both sides. Sailrite stocks YKK® side-release buckles in various sizes, with heavy-duty options available for demanding applications, such as life jackets, webbing belts, duffle bag straps and boat covers. We also offer cam buckles, which feature a lever-style construction that locks webbing very tightly. This type of buckle is recommended for securing dodger frames or attaching awnings, as it can be very easily attached to fabric or placed through a loop of webbing.

Adjustable strap buckles and ladderlock buckles are also a top-notch choice for use with dodgers and awnings. They feature molded teeth and increased contours to prevent webbing creep and slippage, so they’ll provide a secure hold in rugged situations. YKK manufactures top-quality, marine-worthy buckles made from materials like Polyacetal, which provides incredible hardness, dimensional stability and resistance to fuel, abrasion, solvents and friction. Make sure to explore our complete selection of YKK buckles to see the unique features of each style and to find application recommendations and suggestions from the Sailrite team.

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