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Sailrite® has a lineup of swaging tools to help you address everything from rigging concerns on-the-fly to making critical repairs on wire-hung canopies. From rugged zinc-plated copper Nicopress sleeves in several sizes to feature-laden rigging kits that include a variety of swaging essentials, has the swaging tool selection you need for all applications. For example, Nicopress sleeves can be used for DIY applications like creating cool wire-hung canopies that provide adjustable shade outdoors.

Nicopress swaged sleeves are mechanically swaged connectors that are used to make mechanical or electro-mechanical connections. If you need to install or repair your Nicopress sleeves on wire rope, you can use our affordable Nicopress sleeves in multiple convenient sizes ranging from 0.06 inches to .125 inches. These sleeves can be used on cable for your DIY wire-hung canopy projects and to provide versatile eye splices on wire in many other applications. In order to correctly install your Nicopress sleeves, we recommend choosing our affordable Nicopress Installation Tool that lets you install sleeves by tightening the two bolts over the sleeve until a snug connection is made.

We also offer the convenient Swage-It Rigging Kit, which contains all the heavy-duty swaging tools and hardware needed to make repairs to rigging on the go. This kit comes standard with Nicopress sleeves in various sizes, along with a combination wrench and a cable cutter. It also includes the Swage-It Tool that allows you to apply strong swaging pressure for making essential repairs easily. We recommend keeping this rigging kit and other essential swaging tools on board at all time for quick emergency repairs of Nicopress sleeves and other rigging repairs. Sailrite is a second-generation family-owned business and we take great care to ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied.

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