Corner Rings

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Whether you’re starting a sailmaking project from scratch or need to replace your sail’s corner rings, these sail hardware options will help you get the job done right. You’ll find a wide variety of hardware rings at Sailrite®, including rings made of brass and stainless steel, that can be installed with eyelets at the corners of sails or anywhere a purchase on fabric is required. We carry sail clew rings in a large selection of sizes as well as D-rings and round rings with bars to help meet your specific project goals.

You can use our standard corner rings to create corner patch sail assemblies relatively easily. The rings are sewn into the fabric with sail twine and then the eyelet grommets are pressed inside to protect the thread from chafe. This sewn ring assembly makes the fastener much stronger than any pressed grommet, such as a brass spur grommet. You’ll need to purchase the same numbered ring and eyelet for your corner patch. For example, if you’re using a #6 ring, then you’ll also want to choose a #6 eyelet. You can also reference our guide to Installing a Corner Ring Using Webbing for quick installation.

Sailrite also stocks D-rings in various sizes that are useful for making spinnaker and headsail clews or anywhere else you want to secure a line to a piece of fabric. To sew them on, you can simply fold the lengths of the webbing through the D-ring and then back onto the cloth. We have D-rings with and without bars in this selection. The D-Rings with Bars feature an extra stainless steel bar that prevents the ring from twisting.

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