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Adding a furling or reefing system to your vessel is an effective way to get more enjoyment from your boat and increase safety. With a furling headsail unit you can reef or furl your jib, genoa or staysail with ease from the cockpit. Sailrite® offers high-tech, easy-to-install furling systems made by Cruising Design International (CDI). We also offer a selection of reefing and furling hardware to help you maintain and upgrade your systems, reef kits for your mainsail and Harken® lazy jack systems for easy lowering of the main.

CDI makes a very popular option for anyone looking for a simple yet high-tech furling system. Called the Flexible Furler, this system allows you to both reef and furl your sail in all wind conditions. A simple luff extension made from a single piece of PVC provides stiffer torsion to allow you to reef and furl easily, while an internal halyard allows you to raise and lower sails while underway. Sailrite offers CDI Flexible Furlers in several models, including the FF1, FF2, FF4, FF6, FF7 and FF9. The primary difference between the models is their size, so make sure to choose the one that best suits your boat.

Other popular sail systems include the Harken Lazy Jack Systems, which accommodate boats ranging in size from 21 to 42 feet. These kits are designed to help you contain your mainsails while reefing and dousing and are especially ideal for use with full-batten mains. They utilize a set of lines on either side of the mainsail, which are attached high up onto the mast and down the boom. This allows you to drop the mainsail neatly without it falling on the deck. Each Lazy Jack Kit includes everything you need to get started. Sailrite has also developed our very own Jiffy Reefing Kit that comes with grommets, patches, Dacron line, a bullet blocks and other components to help you easily reef your mainsail.

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Roller Furling Bail
CDI Furler Flexible FF9
MSRP $2700.00 /EA
CDI Furler Flexible FF7
MSRP $1825.00 /EA
CDI Furler Flexible FF6 With Ball Bearings
MSRP $1500.00 /EA
CDI Furler Flexible FF6
MSRP $1285.00 /EA
CDI Furler Flexible FF4 With Ball Bearings
MSRP $1285.00 /EA
CDI Furler Flexible FF4
MSRP $1060.00 /EA
CDI Furler Flexible FF2 With Ball Bearings
MSRP $970.00 /EA
CDI Furler Flexible FF2
MSRP $855.00 /EA
CDI Furler Flexible FF1 With Ball Bearings
MSRP $695.00 /EA
CDI Furler Flexible FF1
MSRP $575.00 /EA
Harken® 254 Lazy Jack System For boats 35' to 42'
MSRP $781.95 /EA