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Here at Sailrite®, we pride ourselves in catering to the self-reliant sewer, so we offer affordable sewing machine motors and other replacement parts that allow you to perform essential upgrades and repairs yourself. This selection includes replacement motors for Sailrite Ultrafeed®, Big-N-Tall, Fabricator®, Professional and Sailrite 111 Sewing Machines, as well as low-cost motor brackets and bases that you can use to upgrade your machine’s motor housing. This selection also includes cutting-edge sewing machine motors that can be used to upgrade your non-Sailrite sewing machines to more powerful Sailrite motors.

If you need to replace the motor in your Sailrite Fabricator or Professional Sewing Machine, you’ll need to purchase a Sailrite Workhorse™ Servo Motor. This high-performance 3/4-horsepower motor provides smooth motor rotation and fluid motor-to-machine power transfer. Although it comes standard on the Fabricator and Professional, this sewing machine motor can also be used as an upgrade on non-Sailrite industrial sewing machines. It’s a great upgrade for any dedicated DIYer who needs adjustable speed settings that allow you to set your top stitching speed while maintaining variable speed control. The maximum speed settings range from 400 to 3,600 stitches per minute.

We also offer affordable Ultrafeed sewing machine motors and motor bases at Sailrite. To replace the motor on an Ultrafeed sewing machine, you’ll also need to purchase a Custom Motor Bracket, which is specifically designed for the Ultrafeed. This selection also includes handy Ultrafeed Motor Bases for LS-1 and LSZ-1, as well as plug adapters that let you use your Ultrafeed while you’re traveling or working internationally. If you’re unsure whether or not your sewing machine needs a replacement motor, or if you have any other general questions about these parts and components, you can contact Sailrite for assistance.

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