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Sail headboards add support to your sails. They’re designed to create an additional purchase point for the halyard for added structural support. Sailrite sells sailing headboards for all your sailmaking and repair endeavors, with styles in a broad range of sizes to suit your specific boat. Each headboard comes in a convenient kit complete with two headboards and rivets so you get everything you need for proper installation.

Sailrite® carries sail headboards in various materials and styles. We recommend choosing aluminum headboards for boats over 20 feet, but smaller boats can employ our low-cost nylon external boards for cost and weight savings. The nylon styles are lighter in weight than aluminum, but won’t provide enough support for larger boats. For information on how to install these headboards, reference this video from the team at Sailrite. We also carry catamaran clew plates for Hobie and Soling class jib clews as well as tack plates in this selection.

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