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Upgrade your rigging system with boat shackles from Sailrite®. We stock rigging shackles for lifting bridles, securing blocks, topping lifts, genoa sheets, jib or spinnaker halyards and much more. We also stock sail shackles for attaching slides or slugs to your sail. Sail shackles generally attach to the sail via a spur grommet, but some styles attach right through the sail with self-tapping screws. We have a variety of different types of sailboat shackles in our selection, including halyard shackles, D shackles, swivel shackles, snap shackles, twist shackles and more made from top-notch materials like marine-grade stainless steel for exceptional performance under high loads.

Sailrite stocks many different types of Harken shackles for use with your Harken® blocks, which are also available at Sailrite. These shackles come in two main styles: stamped shackles and forged shackles, both of which are constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The primary difference between these two styles is that forged shackles are best-suited for higher load applications, while the stamped styles are best for smaller boats. We also have some Ronstan shackles, including the popular Swivel Shackle that provides a full 360-degree rotation for variable alignment of the two items being linked. Swivel shackles feature an attachment pin at each end.

In addition to high-quality stainless steel shackles in an assortment of sizes, we also stock some very affordable plastic shackles in this selection. These snap-in or screw-on shackles are designed to secure a slug or slide to a sail. They’re made with injection-molded nylon that will help absorb sudden impact loads and some even feature self-locking styles to withstand greater loads. Sailrite knows it can be a bit difficult to find the right sized shackle for your unique application, but we’ve made it relatively simple with this video on How to Select the Correct Size Shackle.

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