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Elastic is essential for many sailmaking projects, as it’s typically used in making the batten pockets on your sail. This type of elastic fabric is also well suited for many craft projects. Sailrite® offers heavy-duty elastic fabric by the foot so that you can get the exact amount required for your project, whether it be repairing batten pockets or creating standout craft projects. Sailrite offers heavy-duty elastic fabric in two convenient options — white 1-inch elastic fabric and white 2-inch elastic fabric — to suit your unique job.

In sailmaking, elastic should be sewn into the front of the batten pockets to keep tension on the battens so they won’t work their way out. When the battens are all the way aft in their pockets, the tendency for the leech to flutter is reduced. If you’re using this material to repair a sail’s batten pocket or to create a batten pocket from scratch, reference this video from Sailrite for in-depth instructions on how to repair a batten pocket. You can always reach out to Sailrite for additional information.

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