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Keep your belongings safe and dry with this selection of storage boxes and solutions from Sailrite® . This assortment includes waterproof boxes and transparent cases that you can take with you on all your high-seas adventures as well as a Sailrite sewing supplies storage box that’s a great way to keep your tools, notions and accessories well-organized while you’re traveling with your sewing machine. Our storage boxes are all designed for exceptional quality and long-term performance with features that make them incredibly practical in marine environments or on land.

Need a great way to keep your electronics and personal belongings protected while you’re on the water? Be sure to explore Sailrite’s variety of waterproof boxes that are uniquely designed to protect your valuables from the elements. These waterproof boxes are a great choice for sailors, kayakers, power-boaters, anglers and more who need high-quality water protection. Available in several sizes, these boxes are crush-proof and provide waterproof storage of your phone, camera, keys, money, wallet and more. The best part is, if they happen to go rogue, they float!

We also make our very own high-quality plastic accessory case featuring a shock-absorbing liner so you can take your valuable tools with you on the go, whether you’re embarking on a long-distance sailing trip or are hitting the highway with your sailing accoutrements.

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