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Ensure that your sewing machine works as well as it did the day it arrived at your door with these Sailrite® replacement pulleys. We stock easy-to-install pulleys for Ultrafeed®, Mini-Walker, Professional, SR200, Sailmaker, Sailrite 111 and Yachtsman Sewing Machines, all of which are made with long-lasting materials for a rugged upgrade or replacement. In order to find the right pulley for your machine, you’ll need to determine the type of motor you’re working with. We have pulleys for Workhorse™ Servo Motors, Cogged Motors, Ultrafeed Motors and more. Together, these components can help greatly improve belt alignment for better overall machine performance.

All of our pulley replacements are made with long-lasting materials but ring up for an affordable price so that you can keep your machine in play for the long-term. If you need to replace the pulley mechanism on your Ultrafeed Sewing Machine, you can use an idler pulley or a tooth cogged motor pulley, depending on which component needs replacing. We also have low-cost idler pulley set nuts and non-stepped shafts that you can use to give your pulley system a complete overhaul at a great price. Add a new-and-improved Ultrafeed Pulley Bracket that easily attaches to your sewing machine without interference between the set nut and motor base.

We also offer replacement pulleys for sewing machines equipped with the Workhorse Servo Motor. These pulleys are also required when you’re upgrading your Sailrite 111 or any Professional Sewing Machine from 2016 or earlier. The majority of the pulley replacements from Sailrite do not come with a belt, so make sure to explore our variety of belts if you need a complete replacement option. If you are unsure which pulley you need, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always available to help you purchase the appropriate parts.

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