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The right protectant will help your boat or fabric perform at its best. Sailrite®  offers a large selection of marine protectants for all of your ship’s surfaces, including high-quality formulas that clean and protect marine windows, vinyl, fabric, canvas, upholstery, Dacron® and more. When your vessel is constantly exposed to moisture and UV rays, it’s prone to staining, mildew formation and sun damage. A performance protectant can help guard all of your vessel’s surfaces from these pesky but inevitable concerns. You can also use some of these products as patio furniture and fabric protectants in other indoor and outdoor uses.

You can use a vinyl protectant or fabric guard to give your boat’s cushions and upholstery a hydrophobic coating so that it effortlessly repels animal droppings, motor oil, lubricants and other stain-causing substances. For tough, long-term protection, we recommend applying Aqua-Tite® Green Repellent to biminis, tents, covers and awnings. We also have products designed to restore water repellency to water-resistant fabrics so that they don’t attract staining and dirt. Sailrite also has safe Sunbrella® fabric guard that restores the fabric’s water and stain repellency that can wear off over time and after washing.

Sailrite has many other protectant options for your boat’s window material, hardware and even sails. For example, you can use 303® UV Aerospace Protectant™ to restore faded color in your Dacron sails while simultaneously protecting them from dirt and staining. We also offer marine-grade window material protectant that’s perfect for your boat enclosures and dodgers. These protectants not only protect from future UV damage, but they also clean, shine and refresh. Pick up marine-grade protectants today from Sailrite to lengthen the life of all your boat’s most-used and most-exposed surfaces.

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