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In addition to our very own Sailrite® SnapRite® System, Sailrite offers a wide variety of tools that make installing fasteners — buttons, sockets, eyelets, studs and more — easier than ever. We know that sailmakers and canvasworkers don’t always love the fastener installation process, which is why we’ve developed a large collection of fastener tools to simplify the job. This selection includes snap fastener installation tools, fastener locking keys and a huge selection of dies for buttons, sockets, eyelets and more. We have tools for setting Lift-the-Dot®, Pull-the-Dot®, twist lock fasteners and other types.

We carry all of the top-rated snap fastener installation tools on the market. Our top choice is the SnapRite System, which uses a set of four dies that work with a standard rivet gun to easily set buttons, sockets, studs and eyelets. Sailrite Owner Matt Grant developed this product exclusively for the needs of Sailrite customers, and it has been designed for easy installation of snaps. For example, you can use the SnapRite System to painlessly install snaps on covers, as the dies double as a positioning tool to allow you to place snaps exactly where needed on canvas.

For those who will only occasionally need to install snaps, we also carry very affordable snap fastener tools that will help you easily install snap fasteners, Pull-the-Dot fasteners and two-button twist lock studs. For a more heavy-duty option, consider the Pres-N-Snap Installation Tool, which is uniquely designed to help you install fasteners with one hand. This tool comes with six dies for setting standard components but can also be purchased with various add-ons for installing specialty fasteners. Make sure to reference our guide to Selecting the Right Snap Installation Tool for great advice on which tool is most appropriate for your needs.

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