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Sailrite® has all the high-performance sailing blocks you need to give your vessel a high-tech upgrade. From cruising sailboats to small dinghies, these marine blocks and fairleads will provide you with fast trim and release under high and low loads. Sailrite has various types of blocks, including bullet blocks, micro blocks and cheek blocks for sailboats of several sizes. We also have the right sailboat fairlead for your vessel to help contain, deflect or correct the lead angle of control lines. Sailrite stocks marine fairleads and blocks only by the industry’s best, including Harken® and Ronstan, to ensure the best in rugged performance and durability during high-stakes racing and intense cruising.

When it comes to blocks, Harken is really the obvious choice. This longtime sailing hardware manufacturer makes blocks for both small and large boats, including a line of exceptionally well-made ball bearing blocks. For small boats, we recommend choosing Harken Micro Blocks, which are made with Delrin® ball bearings and stainless steel side plates that provide low friction and a lighter weight without compromising strength. Harken’s Cheek Bullet Blocks are also designed for small boat performance but use a roller bearing construction and aluminum sheaves for high strength and corrosion resistance.

We’re also a proud purveyor of Ronstan blocks boasting some of the highest strength-weight ratios available. These styles also implement ball bearings for minimum friction. Here at Sailrite, we’re committed to helping our customers make the most out of their DIY projects. Although these blocks are specifically designed for hard-wearing sailing applications, these components can also be used for non-marine applications. For example, we recommend the use of Harken blocks when creating the pulley system for our Slide-On Wire-Hung Canopy.

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Harken® 092 Cheek Bullet Block
MSRP $20.30 /EA
Harken® 377 Micro Block Forkhead
MSRP $23.55 /EA
Harken® 244 Fiddle Micro Block with V-Jam
MSRP $42.85 /EA
Harken® 096 Bullet Block Upright
MSRP $29.30 /EA
Harken® 220 Bullet Block Double Upright
MSRP $52.05 /EA
Harken® 223 Big Bullet Block Double Upright
MSRP $88.20 /EA
Harken 222 Big Bullet Block Upright
MSRP $49.75 /EA
Harken® 134 Big Bullet Block In-Line Exit
MSRP $73.10 /EA
Harken® 289 Bullet Block In-Line Exit
MSRP $60.50 /EA
Harken® 131 Big Bullet Block Through-Deck
MSRP $47.60 /EA
Harken® 287 Bullet Block Through-Deck
MSRP $43.05 /EA
Harken® 243 Micro Block Upright
MSRP $20.35 /EA
Harken® 242 Micro Block Through-Deck
MSRP $35.05 /EA
Harken® 232 Micro Traveler Block
MSRP $32.60 /EA
Harken® 443 Micro Block Single with Eyestrap
MSRP $24.15 /EA
Harken® 230 Micro Block Triple with Carbo-Cam®
MSRP $114.75 /EA
Harken® 228 Micro Block Triple
MSRP $52.50 /EA
Harken® 229 Micro Block Triple with Becket
MSRP $53.65 /EA
Harken® 227 Micro Block Double with Becket
MSRP $39.60 /EA
Harken® 226 Micro Block Double
MSRP $36.60 /EA
Harken® 225 Micro Block Single With Becket
MSRP $16.80 /EA
Harken® 224 Micro Block Single
MSRP $14.55 /EA
Harken® 086 Bullet Block Triple with Shackle
MSRP $75.10 /EA
Harken® 084 Bullet Block Double with Shackle
MSRP $53.80 /EA
Harken® 083 Bullet Block Single with Becket
MSRP $23.75 /EA