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Create beautiful, long-lasting sewing projects with sewing thread from Sailrite®. We have an expansive selection of thread, including a handpicked variety of outdoor thread recommended by our staff of discerning DIYers. With styles by the best sewing thread brands — including Sailrite® Lifetime Thread (formerly Profilen®), Sunguard, Tenara® (Gore-Tex), Coats and Anefil® — you’re sure to find an option that’s tailor-made to your sewing application. Shop heavy-duty thread, indoor thread, nylon thread, polyester thread and lifetime thread in a wide assortment of colors, weights, denier counts and sizes at Sailrite.

Looking for lifetime thread? We’ve got you covered here at Sailrite. Lifetime thread can be a bit costlier than standard polyester thread, but it’s essential for projects that will be constantly exposed to the elements. We stock Sailrite and Tenara lifetime thread, both of which are backed by a lifetime guarantee and won’t be damaged by sun, cleaning agents, pollution, weather or saltwater. Sailrite Lifetime Thread is made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), while Tenara thread is made from a fluoropolymer fiber material. You can reference our lifetime thread guide for more information on which type is most appropriate for your specific project.

We also offer a large selection of indoor thread that’s great for sewing pillows, indoor cushions, drapes and more. Our thread options come in multiple sizes and are sized in common thread commercial sizes. Choosing the right thread size is an important aspect to ensuring that your project comes out just the way you envisioned. Contact us at any time if you’re looking for one-on-one advice on which type of thread to buy. We can help you find the best thread brands for sewing sails, canvas projects, drapery, outdoor cushions and much more.

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