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When you’re thinking about making a boat cover, the main goal is to keep your boat clean and dry. If you choose a waterproof fabric for your cover like a heavily coated marine fabric or a vinyl, you could be trapping moisture under the cover, which can cause mold and mildew to grow. Installing a boat cover vent allows air to pass through cover can solve this issue. Sailrite® has an assortment of vents that you can use to provide your boat covers with added breathability without compromising water resistance and the right fit. Cover vents also provide an exit point for air when trailering to prevent the cover from filling with air and flying off while in motion.

In addition to boat covers, these vents can also be installed in your RV, car, grill and patio furniture covers where you need additional ventilation. You’ll find a vent in our selection to match the desired aesthetic and performance requirements of your specific project.

Sailrite has a variety of different types of vents to choose from including popular Vent Aire Ventilators. These vents feature a three-dimensional design that can be wrapped in fabric for a more uniform look. They are made with tough, pliable vinyl that snaps back without damage after being folded or flattened. We also have ventilated pole caps made from UV-stable polyurethane as well as circular cover vents that will help you create proper tenting. Installing a boat cover vent on your DIY boat cover is relatively simple.

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