Jute Webbing

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Upholstery webbing is a unique type of fabric strip that is most commonly used for creating furniture seats and backs, but can also be used to craft one-of-a-kind tote bags, luggage racks and many more home projects. Longtime upholsterers will instantly recognize these fabric strips, which have been used to create supports in framed furniture for centuries. Sailrite® has top-notch sofa and chair webbing that you can use to replace worn-out foundations or to build furniture from scratch.

Sailrite can help you find the perfect natural-looking upholstery webbing for your next project. Our 3.5-inch Jute Webbing is a great choice for a wide variety of applications, from intense reupholstery jobs to casual craft applications. Because it’s made from natural, non-stretch jute fibers that are exceptionally strong, durable and long-lasting, jute upholstery webbing is the most common type of webbing for upholstery. Don’t forget to shop our complete selection of upholstery supplies for more great products.

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