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Keep water out from under your deck hardware with a marine sealant from Sailrite®
. These high-quality boat sealants are a must for keeping water out from under your deck hardware and around your hatches and portholes. They can be used to create a leakproof seal in snaps, to seal out water when drilling screw holes in bimini and awning track installation, for sealing your deck housing or fiberglass, and as an all-purpose sealant for portholes, hatches, windows and marine hardware. Sailrite offers fully submersible and non-submersible sealants for various conditions, so make sure to fully read the product’s description before choosing.

If you’re looking to add excellent leak proofing to the snap studs on your deck, framing and more, we’ve got a great solution for you. Sailrite’s SnapRite® Adhesive-Backed Foam Rubber Gasket is a fantastic way to create a leakproof seal when installing a snap fastener stud with a blind rivet. The gasket seals the base of the stud, making a super tight, water-resistant bond. We also have versatile fast-curing sealant by 3M™ that can be employed above or below the waterline. Use 3M™ Adhesive Fast Cure in applications that will be fully submerged, such as when you’re sealing the hull or stern joints. We also stock Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure, a penetrating copolymer sealant with a unique capillary action for unparalleled penetration into hairline cracks.

Sailrite also offers non-hardening elastic butyl tape designed to help fix leaks in marine bedding and to stop water when drilling screw holes. This trimmable tape is especially useful when installing bimini and dodger frame fittings, snaps, awning tracks and stanchions. This multipurpose sealant tape adheres well to metal, wood, concrete, glass, plastic, fiberglass and porous surfaces. For more information, read our guide on Silicone vs. Butyl Tape. Sailrite is happy to offer volume discounts when you load up on bulk sealants for all your applications!

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