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Oil is essential for a wide range of sewing machine applications, including lubricating the thread to make it easier for tensioning, reducing a buildup of double-sided seamstick on needles, and keeping the machine’s mechanisms well-oiled for peak performance. Using sewing machine oil can help you achieve smoother sewing and easier needle penetration of fabric, especially when you’re working with tough materials. Sewing machine lubricant is key to helping you prolong the life of your machine. Sailrite® has a large variety of sewing oils and lubricants to help make your job easier, plus various handy tools and accessories for applying lubricants.

For an easy way to keep your sewing machine well-oiled, consider purchasing our Magnetic Thread Lubricator. This handy lubricator is fastened to the top of your sewing machine via a magnet or a screw. Simply fill the jar with Sewer’s Aid Lubricant or your preferred lubricant and install your thread through the unit’s fingers and your thread will become evenly lubricated for smoother stitching and easier penetration. This accessory can also help prevent thread from burning in high-speed sewing machines. Thanks to the versatile fastening options, this oiling device can be used on just about any sewing machine.

Keep a bottle of sewing machine oil on hand to make sure that your machine’s hard-to-reach places are lubricated for the best possible performance. Sewing lubricant can help lengthen the life of your machine by providing the steel components with the cushioning required to prevent long-term tension and friction damage. Choose a versatile option like Sewer’s Aid to ease tension on the machine’s mechanisms as well as to lubricate needles and hands for smoother sewing. It’s very important that you choose an oil specifically designed for sewing machines because some types of oil contain kerosene which could significantly damage your machine.

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