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Get the right needle for the job with the extensive selection of top-of-the-line sewing needles from Sailrite®. We’ve got the best sewing machine needles and hand sewing needles for a wide variety of applications, from casual crafting to industrial needlework. Sailrite stocks needles by Schmetz, Dritz®, Organ and more for a wide range of machines and needle systems. We can help you find the appropriate needles for your Sailrite machine or guide you toward best-selling needles for other industrial machines. We stock needles for the Sailrite® Ultrafeed®, Fabricator®, Professional, 111, Big-N-Tall and more.

At Sailrite, we know that it can be difficult to know which sewing machine needle is best for your specific needs. Needles come in a wide range of types — from super-sharp round point needles to specialty needles for working with leather — to seamlessly stitch through a wide variety of fabrics. We have ball point needles, SD1 needles, D1 leather needles, Serv7 needles and more for a multitude of applications. To determine which type of needle is most appropriate for your unique needs, reference our sewing machine needle guide. This resource will also help you decipher the needle system so you can find out which needles fit your sewing machine.

We also carry an excellent assortment of sewing needles for hand stitching, including specialty needles for specific projects. You can use long or curved upholstery needles for your next big upholstery project or invest in some long-lasting sailmakers’ needles if you’re working with sailcloth or making your own sail. Additionally, Sailrite offers sewing needles for dense fabrics, stretchy fabrics and leather so that you get the perfect stitch regardless of the material with which you’re working. Sailrite is staffed by a team of dedicated DIYers, and we’re always on hand to help you make the right purchasing decision. Contact us today for personalized advice.

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