Feed Dogs

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Get a better grip and easily feed the fabric through your machine while sewing when you replace your sewing machine’s feed dog. Of course, all Sailrite® sewing machines come equipped with a feed dog, but you may want to replace yours over time if it becomes worn down or broken. We can help you replace the feed dog on your current or legacy Sailrite sewing machine with this expansive collection of styles. If you’ve noticed that your feed dog’s teeth have become dull or that it’s not properly feeding the fabric, it’s probably time for a replacement.

Shop Sailrite for replacement feed dogs for Ultrafeed®, Big-N-Tall, Fabricator®, Mini-Walker, Professional, SR200, Sailmaker, Sailrite 111 and Yachtsman Sewing Machines. Looking for a replacement feed dog for your Ultrafeed Sewing Machine? You’re in luck. Sailrite’s easy-to-replace feed dogs can be installed in your machine in just a few minutes using household tools you already own. We offer affordable feed dogs for Ultrafeed LSZ-1 and LS-1 models to ensure that yours fits perfectly on your particular sewing machine model. Click on the Ultrafeed feed dog product listings to see video instructions on how to replace an Ultrafeed feed dog.

If you’re looking for a feed dog for any other Sailrite model, simply use our narrowing tool to search by your particular machine. All of the feed dogs from Sailrite’s collection are built with heavy-duty, long-lasting materials to ensure that they perform well during all of your large and demanding sewing jobs. Our team of trained technicians is always on hand to assist you with choosing the right replacement parts as well as during your sewing machine repairs and upgrades. Simply contact us via phone or email if you have any questions.

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