Shade/Privacy Fence Fabric Blue 150"

SKU: 122629



An economical, low-grade shade cloth, this fabric is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and is intended for construction fence screens, shade sails and marine awnings.

Color hue striations will occur throughout the fabric. The fabric may experience weave irregularities resulting in small holes. These irregularities do not impact the durability or strength of the shade cloth. Due to these irregularities, we do not recommend this fabric for applications where style and aesthetics are important. For a higher-end shade cloth with a more uniform color and more consistent weave, please consider our premium shade products like Polytex® and Parasol™.

There is no right or wrong side to this fabric, but it is recommended to use the “smooth” side facing the sun and the “rough” side facing down. This will make the fabric easier to clean. HDPE material can be cut with a hotknife and we recommend using one to heat seal any exposed edges of your shade.

Note: Your shade sail should be installed firmly and tightly so as to reduce wind flap in the fabric. Shade cloth fabric that is too loose will cause premature failure due to mechanical breakdown. The shade sail will require periodic maintenance and upkeep to ensure that the shade cloth fabric remains tight.

Storage: When storing your shade sail, we recommend cleaning it first to remove any surface dirt and debris. (See Care & Cleaning PDF in the Documents section below.) Make sure material is completely dry before storage to avoid the growth of mold and mildew. Store in a dry place away from pests and rodents. For best results, store shade sail in a protective, sealed bag.