Hamilton Tivoli Spring 54" Fabric

SKU: 121402



Hamilton Tivoli Spring is a bright floral print with a variety of colorful flowers and greenery, perfect for sunny days! This bold pattern is printed on a sturdy 100% cotton base cloth and has a slightly textured feel. Tivoli Spring features vibrant pinks, greens and oranges on a neutral backdrop. An interior home décor fabric, Tivoli Spring is perfect for window treatments, accent pillows, light upholstery and other decorative elements in your home.

Specializing in finely woven tapestry-weight upholstery fabrics, Hamilton Fabrics offers home décor fabric patterns that range from modern and contemporary to classically traditional and everything in between. There is a right and wrong side to this fabric, meaning only one side is meant to be exposed.

Hamilton Tivoli Spring is intended for interior use only and should not be used on outdoor projects. This fabric is dry clean recommended.