How to Register Your Strataglass™ Warranty

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Strataglass™ clear vinyl window products are a staple in the marine industry. These products also feature a two-year “No Worries” limited warranty. It’s important to note that there is a specific registration process you must undergo to properly register for this two-year warranty and fully reap its benefits. Below we will instruct you on this process.

According to the Strataglass website, “Effective September 1, 2017, the Strataglass ‘No Worries’ performance warranty covers defects and/or product failure for two (2) years when used in a normal marine enclosure application. In the unlikely event that Strataglass fails within the two (2) years, we will supply you with enough new Strataglass to remake the entire enclosure curtain system on your boat. We have your Strataglass covered — no worries!”

How do I Register my Strataglass for the two-year warranty?

It’s crucial that you follow specific steps to register your Strataglass for warranty after purchase. If you are the owner or the fabricator, you should register your new Strataglass using the online registration page: This must be done within 30 days of installing the clear vinyl.

Important documents included with your Strataglass purchase. Warranty page on the right.

Step 1: Locate the sticker found on the lower corner of your Strataglass sheet. Each sheet will have a sticker. This sticker will include a lot number to verify proof of purchase. For safekeeping, remove this sticker from your vinyl and place it on your Strataglass warranty paper to keep for your records. Do not get rid of this sticker. If you don’t have the lot number, you will not be able to register your vinyl for the two-year limited warranty.

Place the sticker from your clear vinyl on the Warranty page.

Step 2: On the Strataglass warranty webpage, you’ll be asked to include this lot number in addition to other information, including personal information and details on the installation date. You can also call Strataglass to register at (800) 581-5801.

An example of the Strataglass registration webpage.

What does the warranty cover?

First, we should mention that you absolutely must be properly cleaning and maintaining your Strataglass using recommended IMAR™ Strataglass™ Protective Cleaner and IMAR™ Strataglass™ Protective Polish, both available on our website. This is because the warranty validation is done at the sole discretion of Strataglass LLC. Each claim is considered on an individual basis and your warranty may be void if you neglect your Strataglass or use non-authorized cleaners, as these can damage the product.

Essentially, if you’re not properly taking care of your clear vinyl, the limited warranty may not come into effect if it should fail. But if you’re maintaining and cleaning your Strataglass correctly (according to the manufacturer's instructions) and not abusing or neglecting the product, and you still experience issues within two years of installing your vinyl, you may qualify for the warranty.

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