Gingher® Pinking Shears

SKU: 100526



Gingher® Pinking Shears produce a ravel-resistant edge in sewing and craftwork. Pinking Shears feature sawtooth blades that leave a zigzag edge rather than a straight cut edge to prevent fraying and keep work clean. They are also great for adding a decorative edge to projects. Pinking Shears have a delicate setting, so we recommend cutting only one layer of fabric at a time.

Please Note: These Pinking Shears cannot be re-sharpened.

Use & Care: Occasionally placing one drop of oil in the pivot area will facilitate a smooth cutting action. The inside surfaces of the blades should be wiped frequently with a dry cloth to remove accumulated lint.

Please Note: This product is available for sale in the United States only.


  • 100% Nickel-Plated Chrome Finish
  • Cuts All the Way to the End
  • Extra-Large Angled Handle
  • Extra Durable
  • Use to give edges a zigzag pattern to prevent fraying
  • Lifetime Limited Manufacturer's Warranty