Marking Pencils

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When you’re working on the patterning portion of your sewing project, it can be very helpful to use a marking pencil to temporarily draw measurements that you can adjust as you please. At Sailrite®, we have a variety of quality-made marking pencils that you can easily wash or rub off when you’re done making lines and notes. However, not all marking pencils are appropriate for all jobs, so we have several different styles to ensure that your notes are highly visible and easy to clean from a wide range of surfaces, including sailcloth, canvas, Ripstop nylon, vinyl, webbing, fiberglass, wood, plastic, faux leather and more.

Marking tools are made from several different materials, such as soapstone, chalk and grease. For writing on dark, woven fabrics, we recommend choosing a soapstone pencil or marking chalk, as these will appear brighter and are easy to wipe off. Grease pencils are a good choice for working with nonporous surfaces like clear vinyl and patterning material, as they come in several colors and easily glide over slicker surfaces. We also offer Scribe-All® Marking Pencils, which are perfect for marking on seating vinyl, cover vinyl (coated fabrics), Phifertex® and clear window material. They're available in a black and white option.

Another sensible marking option is the Washable Wonder Fabric Marker, which creates a bright blue line that is ideal for lighter-colored fabrics, especially traditional woven fabrics. This marker washes clean with water. Please note that we always recommend testing out your marking tool on an extra piece of fabric to make sure that it comes completely clean before applying it to your working fabric. For more information on choosing the right option, read our guide to Picking the Best Marking Pencil or reference the Marking Pencils Comparison Chart.

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